Nate Warren

Nate Warren

Strength Coach


About Coach

Physical fitness has been a lifelong passion of mine. From being a young athlete to coaching football, baseball, softball, soccer, wrestling, and other things for my children as they grew up to playing flag football as an adult and training in martial arts, and competing in Jiu-jitsu I have always found a way to be around and involved in some kind of physical activity and competition. Throughout all of those things, I spent countless hours in the weight room and developed a love for strength training.

Turning Point

As a young man, I measured my success against others. Did the team I was coaching win? Did the team I was playing on win? Did I lift more than than the guy next to me at the gym? Do I look stronger than him? Is my stomach as shredded as that guy's? Are my muscles bigger than his? I realized that comparison was robbing me of the enjoyment of what I was doing. Although I still love competition, at some point I stopped comparing myself to others so much and instead focused on comparing myself to myself. I started focusing on the moments I was in rather than the results of those moments. Although I may not be as cut up as I once was, or as strong as I was once I definitely enjoy what I am doing now more than ever.

Motivation & Passion

I love to learn myself and I love to share what I know, leveraging my lifelong commitment to my own health and wellness, I strive to help people become better versions of themselves by sharing my knowledge and experience and partnering with them in a coaching and motivating format to move forward on their health and fitness journey.

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