Carla Vidmar

Carla Vidmar


Still getting stronger each and every day.


NASM group fitness Certification & Mad Dogg Indoor Cycling Certification

About Coach

I played many sports throughout school and college. I never had a passion for fitness until a friend talked me into a Boot Camp at a local gym. We would attend together every Saturday morning and it was a great way to catch up and talk about how busy we were with our kids and careers.

Turning Point

Running my first 5K in the middle of March in the 19-degree weather was my turning point. The run was painful, my lungs hurt, legs were slow. But as I crossed that finish line I could see my fireworks. I was very proud of myself and knew I wanted more after that. I wanted to help others find that kind of pain and more importantly the reward.

Motivation & Passion

My favorite minute of my day is after my workout. If I could bottle that one minute, I would sell it. I want others to feel the confidence that I do after I work out. I want them to push their limits and know they don't have to be perfect, but they simply need to just show up. That confidence will stay with them when they go home to their children, walk into their workplace and help them handle their stress level for the day.

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