Alex Nicholson

Alex Nicholson


Squat: 315 lbs

Clean and Jerk: 233 lbs

Deadlift: 330 lbs

Bench 245 lbs


Certified Fitness Trainer

Bachelor's Degree in Education

Bachelor's Degree in Special Education

About Coach

I started weight training at a very young age due to playing football. Ever since then, I've been determined to learn all I can about fitness and nutrition. To this day, I do all I can to maintain a healthy lifestyle and physique, while also pushing myself to obtain goals set for myself. In the meantime, I attended Geneva College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Now, I am blessed enough to combine my passion for fitness with my area of expertise in education. I simply love watching people achieve their goals and strive for success beyond their imagination. One significant aspect of life that I've learned is that just about anybody can do anything that they set their mind to with a little bit of motivation and determination. As your coach, I promise to be the ultimate motivator for everyone that walks through that door to Sweat Bar Fitness!

Turning Point

Growing up, I was never the biggest or strongest in anything I set my mind to. With as much of a passion for football as I had, I was never the kid who had the genetic gift to earn a starting spot without hard work and effort. For me, it was this exact fact that motivated me to be the absolute best version of myself. I knew that even though there were many characteristics that I could not control, I had complete and total control over who I could become. Using this as fuel and motivation, I decided to create the best version of myself in fitness and education. To obtain this, I have set a life goal to be the absolute best I can be with the food I eat and how I train. In this same sense, there are plenty of people out there who see a version of themselves that seems attractive yet fall short in the knowledge of how exactly to get there. It is my goal as your trainer to motivate you toward those life goals and show you that those dreams can definitely become a reality!

Motivation & Passion

I believe that everyone possesses a certain craving in life to improve. Whether that be through fitness, career, knowledge, or personal goal setting, I believe that any and all dreams can become a reality. Throughout my life journey, I have had first-hand experience of how important and impactful a motivating coach can be when it comes to obtaining these exact goals. As your coach, I am beyond passionate about pushing athletes beyond their limits to obtain goals that they never thought possible. To me, regardless of any of life's circumstances, everyone out there can improve in several aspects of life. It is my duty as your coach to bring about those successes, thus creating a mindset that you can achieve far and beyond what was ever dreamed or imagined.

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